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What is the ProGeny Place Virtual Job Fair?

The ProGeny Place Virtual Job Fair easily connects you – from wherever you are – it is designed to bring employers and job seekers together virtually!


What can I do in the ProGeny Place Virtual Job Fair?

As a student getting ready to embark on your career, these uncertain times may have you wondering where do you start? We are happy to help! Register on MidSouthWorks today and start learning about the careers available right here in the MidSouth! Completing your profile will help you stand out to employers during the upcoming job fair, however there are many other great things you can do in MidSouthWorks. Once registered, you can search careers and watch videos to learn more about them or you can even start taking courses to help you qualify for your new career. 

What do I do next?

  • Click one of the buttons below and create a MidSouthWorks Account.*

  • Complete the Profile Builder

  • Complete the Online Resumé Builder or Upload your Resumé

*Do you know your Clever login? Login with Clever for a quicker sign up!

Watch this quick video to learn how to login via Clever

connect to emplyoyers

start your new career

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