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South-East Memphis Economic Corridor


Through a network of organizations, families will have access to social services support with integrated care management, food services, transportation services, parenting classes, re-entry support, domestic violence support, 24-hour childcare services, senior daycare services, emergency housing assistance, financial literacy, workforce development, small business development, real estate improvement, public safety initiatives, community leadership development workshops and youth development programs.


The target population for SEMEC are low wealth residents living within the geographic regions served by the partnering CDCs including the neighborhoods of Magnolia Castalia, Alcy Ball, Whitehaven, Oakhaven, Parkway Village, and Hickory Hill.


While all communities in the corridor have multi-racial representation, the majority are African American and have an average median household income level below the state average of $53,320.00. The income levels of these neighborhoods are an average of 37.1% below the state with the lowest being the Alcy Ball community at 52.77% lower than the average Tennessean.

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