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ProGeny E.A.R.N. Initiative

What's ProGeny E.A.R.N Initiative?

The ProGeny E.A.R.N. (Employee Assistance & Resource Network) Initiative is where Mid-Southerners gain the skills necessary to connect to employers with highly-skilled job openings.

How do we do this?

  1. Jobseekers registered with ProGeny begin their journey by registering online. Our first class job skills development platform designed to give jobseekers access to training for 1,200+ careers. This self-paced platform allows jobseekers the opportunity to gain the necessary skills to apply for the more than 2,500 jobs available in the Mid-South each day.  

  2. ProGeny works with local employers to offer cohort based, personalized training for specific positions that employers need to fill. We assess, train, and prepare potential recruits on behalf of an employer, who can then interview and hire top talent for those open positions. These intense cohorts can last from 4 weeks to 4 months, based on an employer’s preferences and needs. Placed graduates continue to receive financial coaching and professional development services from Progeny Place for as long as they choose to access those services. 

  3. And finally, ProGeny Place knows the power of collaboration! We know that we may not be the right stop for everyone. So, we have developed the Pathfinder Pipeline, we will either find your path or make one. ProGeny has an extensive database of Workforce Development partners we use as referral sources. This allows us to find the correct entry point for jobseekers, all the while fostering a ecosystem of Workforce Development Agencies with jobseekers' best interest at heart.

We Need Your Support Today!

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