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You don't build a business-you build people-and then people build the business.

ProGeny positions employers for retention success! We operate as a hiring partner for employers, after all you are our clients. We conduct an in-depth needs assessment to design solutions that help employers resolve challenges related to candidate flow or quality, performance gaps and on-boarding support, while deepening their connection to the surrounding community. The Skills Initiative team engages employers in order to understand their workplace culture, hiring practices and turnover issues, allowing us to offer the following services:


Customized Cohort Training Programs

ProGeny targets a specific position that employers need to fill and uses a cohort model to recruit, assess, and train potential recruits on behalf of the employer, who can then interview and hire top talent for those open positions. Cohort programs can last anywhere from 4 weeks to 4 months, based on an employer’s preferences and needs. Placed graduates continue to receive financial coaching and professional development services from the Skills Initiative for as long as they choose to access those services. 

Manager Training

ProGeny's unique high-quality content brings value to anyone who sits in our classrooms, regardless of their title and salary. We also recognize that our participants are more successful when their managers and peers are successful, so our team creates customized training content for management. Courses such as class consciousness, mindfulness, managing up, and critical problem solving can be delivered as stand-alone sessions or as part of a larger talent strategy.


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