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No More Talk: FREE Downloadable Business Toolkit For Black Entrepreneurs By, D'Juan Hopewell,

On June 16th over 3500 Black Entrepreneurs registered to attend No More Talk: Our People, Our Businesses, Our Responsibility. The virtual event, a collaboration between We Buy Black and The Gathering Spot, focused solely on “right now” strategies to propel Black entrepreneurs forward, in this post-COVID era. John Hope Bryant, CEO of Operation Hope, James Lindsay, CEO of Rap Snacks, Wise Intelligent and many more were featured. Black Capital Partners organized the event and in its aftermath, is offering a free business toolkit to Black entrepreneurs. This toolkit, filled with resources from the event participants and other sources, will give entrepreneurs powerful tools on everything from accessing capital, to marketing and branding strategies.

If you didn’t watch live, click here to see full coverage. Also, you can download the toolkit at no cost below:

Download PDF • 7.10MB

Flip to page 17 for more information on the FREE online courses "Brewing to Doing".

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