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  • Rhonnie Brewer

Want to be part of the team?

Let us help you jumpstart your career at a multi-national company that offers competitive salary ranges and awesome benefits!

Applicants must be able to pass a background and drug screening.

These are permanent positions. ProGeny Place is not a temporary agency.

Simply email us at or call

(901) 213-6118 and one of our Success Coaches will get you started.

About ProGeny Place

ProGeny recognizes that throughout the Mid-South there are residents who traditionally are not able to participate in the shared prosperity of our region. All communities and all residents deserve access to balanced growth and shared prosperity. It is our primary focus to foster an ecosystem which creates a thriving Mid-South community of entrepreneurs and highly-skilled residents. By moving more Mid-Southerners to middle income, this collaborative partnership of educational, businesses, nonprofits, and governmental agencies will create opportunity, improved economic vitality and quality of life for Mid-Southerners from otherwise marginalized communities

If a friend is looking for work, encourage them to get in touch with ProGeny Place today! Our Success Coaches can help them find the right fit in the Memphis Job Market.

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